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SVG Commercial Cleaning, LLC is a West Virginia based company focused on delivering unparalleled professional cleaning services in the WV Eastern Panhandle and surrounding areas.  SVG accurately and consistently delivers solutions within office environments, medical facilities, Move-In / Move-out Inspections, event venues, and more. Every cleaning environment and customer is different, so we customize  our services specifically for your needs and cleaning schedule. 

SVG Commercial Cleaning, LLC is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.  Trust SVG to maintain  the polished image and consistent cleanliness your clients and employees need!

Our Services

SVG delivers professional commercial cleaning services within office buildings, production facilities, medical offices, retail spaces, and many other environments.  All of our cleaning services are customized based on frequency of service and types of service provided.        See All Services »

Why chose us?

Integrity, Communication, Technique, Efficiency, and Consistency are just some of our core values.             About SVG»